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Bathtub Liners

Discover acrylic bathtub and shower systems

Who said updating your bathroom has to be expensive and a project you dread? With our acrylic bathtub and shower systems you won’t drain your bank account to improve the smallest room in the house.

Bathtub Liners:

tub_00405_fs.jpgBathtub liners are custom formed to fit the tub in your home. Made of DR/ABS, the acrylic Tubliner is both durable and scratch resistant. A formed slip resistant pattern is molded into each Tubliner. Available in 5 solid colors (Alabaster White, Sandshell Beige, Quarry Topaz, Mauve Quartz and Platinum Grey) and 3 lengths – 4½’, 5’ and 5½’, with molds from the early 1900’s through today, there are thousands of tubliners available from Window Concepts.

Formed Skirts:

The standard skirt on Window Concepts tubliners is flat, and free of any decorative design. In certain cases, the protrusion of the existing tub goes out further than your side wall, or another fixture is in the way of the install. A formed skirt curves outward in the middle, with the two sides bending inward. Our salesperson will measure the “offset” to determine the best Tubliner.

tub_00605_fs.jpgAndes: The lines of the Andes skirt maintain the classic look of tubs that have skirts that angle sharply on the sides to a flat front, with decorative lines on the skirt. Our exclusive Andes skirt covers these old style tubs with modern acrylic while keeping the traditional look of the tub. For tubs with a 1 ½” offset. (Not available for 5 ½’ tubs.) *(Image: 0605-fs)




t_borneo.jpgBorneo: The Borneo skirt also covers tubs that angle in sharply, but with a modern twist. For tubs with a 2” offset.





Cascade: The Cascade skirt’s gentle inward bending sides compliment the simple one-line decorative front. For tubs with a 2” offset. *(Image: 39)

Everest: The Everest is the most versatile of the decorative skirt family. A classic, clean, unadorned front provides for simple elegance, while providing a better install in areas that require a formed front tub. For tubs with a 1 ½” offset.

Detachable Skirts:

t_tripoli.jpgOur detachable skirts are formed acrylic components that are installed over the skirt of your tubliner. The design of the skirt gives you a signature look when you want more than a plain skirt. The Tripoli has three formed rectangles set horizontally in the middle of the skirt. The Roma is a timeless classic with its crested look, and the Dakota is a simple knock-out with the double rectangle set in the middle of the skirt. The detachable skirts are available in any tub or wall color.

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