Casement Windows

Casement windows are a traditional favorite for homeowners as they make an ideal fit for any room requiring architectural style.  Casement windows hinge on the side and use a crank to open and close the window, they are perfect for letting in the breeze, they’re energy efficient and look great on any style of home.

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The Thermal Casement Window Features & Specifications

1. Frames & Sashes 

  • Serve as a thermal blanket around the window, that provides increased energy efficiency for your home and reduces the chances of condensation and humidity build-up to inhibit mold growth.  Ensuring your family’s and home’s safety.

2. Foam Enhanced Inserts - Energy Saving Design

  • Enhances thermal properties through the combination of foam inserts and dead air space chambers within the frame to increase energy efficiency and savings by reducing your heating and cooling costs.

3. Double Strength Window Panes

  • Comes standard on all of our insulated glass units as it is much more durable and offers more dependable and reliable energy efficiency, without sacrificing your homes view.

4. Cardinal LoĒ²-270® Neat Coating

  • Combines the ultimate in low maintenance (naturally clean glass) with year-round comfort in different climates, so homes stay warmer in winter, cooler in summer.

5. Fully Welded Sash and Frame Corners

  • Adds overwhelming structural durability and strength for years of longevity to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

6. Triple Finseal Woolpine Weather-Stripping

  • Added to the meeting rail for increased thermal protection by preventing pesky drafts and increasing energy efficiency.  Reducing that ‘chilly’ feeling in the winter.

7. Intercept® ULTRA™ Stainless Steel Black Spacer

  • Made from one piece custom-engineered alloy material, U-shaped in its design provides superior thermal performance, durability, and strength.  No need to worry about the longevity of the window.

8. Innergy Rigid Thermal Reinforcement

  • Advanced fiberglass reinforced resin inserts, designed to slide easily into window and door frame chambers for greater support and insulation.  Increasing the thermal property throughout the necessary components of the window.

9. Multi point lock

  • Offers the dual functionality of security and energy efficiency. The multi-point lock allows the window to be secure in three different points with the use of only one lever on the inside. This allows the window to open at a 90 degree angle allowing for easy cleaning from the safety of your home. We also offer egress hardware for all sleeping rooms to maximize the area of the window to escape from in case of a fire.

Polaris Series Casement Windows

The Polaris Window Series are a great vinyl casement replacement window choice that are durable, environmentally smart with energy savings, maintenance free and stylish that will enhance any room interior and exterior of a home.  These casement windows come in a low-maintenance white or tan finish, dynamic sizes and shapes, grill pattern options and a variety of decorative glass choices that provide you unlimited options for your home.  All our DynaWeld windows are made to industry standards and designed to perfectly fit each window specification, to give you peace of mind and the visual appearance of your home that you envisioned.  Add value to your home with new casement replacement windows from Windows Concepts of Minnesota, as we have been helping homeowners with all of their home improvement projects for over 20+ years.  We are the replacement windows installation experts in St. Paul, MN and the greater Twin Cities surrounding area, as our crews are highly skilled and can even install your new casement windows in the winter!  

Polaris Casement Window Series

  • energySMART glass upgrades Low-E glass coating reduces ultraviolet light transmission.  Argon gas fill between panes resists temperature transfer.

  • Specialty vinyl compound retains its pristine appearance for a lifetime.

  • Fusion welded frame and sash corners are strong and seamless, for durability.

  • Corners are not compromised with unsightly knock-outs or gaps to create a smooth and consistent finish.

  • Frames feature attractive bevel detail and design, for a full-flushed and finished appearance.

  • True-Position® Balance System is stainless steel, to prevent corrosion and to operate smoothly and quietly.

  • Double thick weather stripping to increase energy efficiency and to keep the weather elements outside.

  • Standard fiberglass full screen.

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